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A Definition

Gut feeling in British (ɡʌt ˈfiːlɪŋ) or gut instinct (ɡʌt ˈɪnstɪŋkt) noun
an instinctive feeling, as opposed to an opinion based on facts. Collins English Dictionary

The Gut-Brain-Axis in our Language

The English language is full of idioms hinting at a deep connection between our digestive system and our emotions. We find bad news 'hard to stomach' or feel as if we have 'butterflies in our stomach' when we're anxious or very excited. If something is outright scary, we're 'shitting ourselves', and if we're working particularly hard we're 'busting our guts'. If something makes us very worried or upset, if it's emotionally painful, we refer to it as 'gut-wrenching'. Our language is clearly indicating a connection between our digestive tract and a level of feeling that is instinctive rather than thought provoked. Time to bring this connection into our conscious awareness as scientific research in this field is flourishing.


The internet hosts loads of videos on the gut-brain-axis, our gut microbiota, and how these interact with our bodies and mental wellbeing - from depression and anxiety to IBS and autism. Take these as inspiration for your own exploration of the subject.

Useful Links

A website with a lot of information about the gut, gut problems and the connection between the gut and mental wellbeing can be found here: The Gut Stuff


Neither authoritative nor extensive - simply a small selection of books that look at the connection of gut and mind from a range of angles. Email if you know of others that are worth reading and adding to this mix.

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